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If you are interested enough and a hardworking individual, you can learn the basics of commodity trading with the help of a commodity market course. The basics of trading will only take a couple of days to learn, but to be a master of the complications and all the features; it could take a longer duration. Further, if you are a beginner in the market, it will take some more time for you to understand the pattern and execute your plans. 

To achieve success in the desired field, you form a proper time table and follow it accordingly so that consistency is maintained. It will also act as a great tool in keeping a track of your progress. Here are some important details for commodity market trading. 

One year mark

For a commodity trader, the first year is very crucial and essential. Often, when you enter the field, you tend to go for bigger profits. However, this is a short term vision and may not be beneficial in the long run. If you have undertaken a commodity market course, you will surely know that this technique can cause trouble. Several people incur losses in trading commodities due to a lack of knowledge. 

Well, the first year focuses on the learning process. At this stage, an individual learns how to trade and when to approach the markets and deal with risks. If you break after one year of selling and purchase of commodity futures, you will get to experience the profit in the upcoming years. 

Three year Mark

The three-year mark refers to the fact that you can expect to get profits after strenuous three years of your learning and working. Being a commodity market trader, you must inherit the fundamental and technical knowledge of every aspect. If you get in touch with an experienced person/professional trainer in the market, you may get to learn a lot from him or her and this can help in shortening the curve of your learning. You must select carefully who you are getting connected to, for your upgrade. 

Enroll in a commodity market course

There are a lot of commodity market courses available online and offline that teach you to trade carefully and slowly. You can read several commodity trading books and can learn from people who have reached a level of great success. The commodity prices fluctuate as per the global markets, economic, political, and weather-related events all across the world which have a direct impact on the prices of the commodities. 

If you are experiencing struggle even after three years, there is a need to re-examine your techniques and the plans. You get to learn a lot through experience and there is not a smooth and perfect plan for achieving success. 

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