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Commodity & Currency Course

₹ 22,000/- Inclusive af all Taxes*

Course Details

About The Course

  • Listed In : Commodity & Currency
  • Language : English / Hindi
  • Difficulty : Beginner
  • Program : Live Online / Classroom


  • The commodity market course is taught by one of India’s Leading Financial Trainers, Ms Pavtiraa Shetty & Mr A.R.Ramachandrran. They have a successful financial career and experience of more than a decade in the financial industry. They have successfully trained more than 100000+ students.
  • The Course Benefits Students, Stay-at-home parents, homemakers, corporate professionals, analysts, and anyone interested in the commodity & currency markets.
  • Immaculately designed currency course where trainees will learn essential simple & profit-making strategies, learn the important aspects to make sustained profits in the commodity futures markets in India.
  • Empirical learning where the course modules will be taught using graphs and statistical tools for deeper understanding
  • A detailed beginners course conducted via an online live instructor program where trainers address all trainee doubts, questions and apprehensions, offering an interactive learning platform
  • Flexible Course timings as per the trainee and trainer’s schedules.
  • Live & Practical Hand-On Training
  • Online Learning Sessions and Classroom Learning Sessions
  • A Rigorous Research-Based Course Curriculum Covering Significant Topics Related To The Course & Commodity Markets, like Introduction to TA and Various Indicators (Volatility indicators, resistance indicators, etc.), analysis of currency markets and more
  • A Comprehensive Course With Different Sets Of Lectures. First Set will cover all fundamental aspects, with the latter covering various commodity and currency aspects in detail and immense practical & training knowledge.
  • Learn at Your Own Time & Pace
  • The commodity and Currency course is challenging and competitive, with the market always in an aggressive spirit.
  • The market is complex and is handled globally, which makes sustainable profit gain a tricky thing. Hence, with a complete understanding of the strategies and portals that measure the market, earning trainees the profit.
  • Our curriculum has technical analysis and crowd psychology that gives trainees a critical view of the industry. By gaining the technical analysis skill, trainees can analyse the stock and equity market and why moving changes with each step.
We conduct classroom training sessions where individual attention is given to all students.
Certification will be provided to the students after course completion by our institute


  • Live Day Trading Classes Where Trainees Get The Opportunity To Analyse The Market and Scout For New Trading Opportunities.


The commodity and currency market is aggressive, ever-evolving and challenging, being highly influenced by global factors & economies, which makes profitable trading extremely complex.

Our course on commodity trading is designed to simplify the complex understandings of several profit-making strategies, helping trainers learn the key strategies involved in the classification between currency & commodity markets.

Our course aims to answer all the doubts and fundamental queries listed out by leading traders and innovators in a systematic manner via our course syllabus. Being one of the leading institutes offering financial training courses, we have achieved finesse in conducting professional commodity market training due to our expertise in analysing & understanding the foundational pillars of significant risk management strategies.

A detailed course covering all the basic and essential topics related to the commodity and currency markets and empirical & practical learning.


  • The course aims to increase & create awareness about the importance and benefits of trading in the commodity & currency markets.
  • The main objective of this course is to strengthen your financial literacy so that you can make wiser,goal-oriented and profitable financial decisions.


  • Learn At Your Own Pace Via Flexible Course Timings
  • Affordable Fees & Group Learning Benefits
  • Live Project & Practical Hands-On Training
  • The Successful Completion of this course opens up career opportunities such as Commodity-Research Analyst, Technical Analysis, Commodity Advisor, Credit Analyst, Business Analyst, Forex Manager, Risk Manager.
  • Interactive Learning Modules Via Online Presentations, Notes, Tutorials And Live Classes
  • Classroom Learning Available
  • Lifetime Support for clearing doubts, advice and addressing queries
  • In-Depth Course Learning
  • Experienced & Qualified Trainers


  • Students
  • Corporate Executives
  • Analysts
  • Brokers/Sub-Broker Employees
  • Anyone having an interest in the Commodity & Currency Market


  • Definition of The term Technical Analysis. The beginner’s class will involve trainers introducing crowd psychology as a crucial aspect of the stock and equity market.
  • Introducing the benefits of TA and Various Indicators such as pricing/lagging indicators, leading indicators, momentum indicators, statistical indicators, volatility indicators, resistance indicators, support indicators, oscillators and volume indicators.
  • Introduction to a study of moving averages and sorting out the best of them.
  • Guide trainees about advanced indicators: Bollinger Brands Indicators, Confluence Indicators, and leading indicators.
  • Guide and show trainees how to adjust technical indicators to suit your trading time, and indicate the top indicators for short, medium and long term trends
  • Introduction to commodity markets and explaining the role of various intermediaries.
  • Knowledge of the currency markets where basic terms will be defined. Our trainers will also discuss the most widely used exchange pairs and explain local and international foreign markets in detail.

Course Duration

10 sessions of 1.5 hours each (Total 15 Hours). Flexible timings as per trainee and trainer’s schedule.

Group Training :

2 students pay: Rs 36,000 ONLY 3 students pay: Rs 48,000 ONLY

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who has an interest in the commodity & currency markets

Course Fees :

Rs 22,000/- per student








Faculty Members

Mr. Abhijeet. Ramachandrran


Ms. Pavithra Shetty



You can take our online commodity market course to learn commodity trading in India.

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