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Analyzing US & Europe market data in Mumbai

Analysis of Financial Markets in Mumbai

Trading Strategy in Equity markets in Mumbai

Analyzing US & Europe market data in Mumbai

Analysis of Financial Markets in Mumbai

Trading Strategy in Equity markets in Mumbai


Technical Analysis Course

Learn when to enter/exit your trade in any market

Learn candlestick patterns, technical indicators & use of Fibonacci projection & retracements to maximize your returns in a bull/bear market




Equity Fundamental Analysis Course

Learn how to pick high growth stocks early

Understand how to read corporate results, balance sheets, cash flow statements, corporate actions & ratio analysis to determine the best companies



Advanced Futures & Options Course

Trade profitably using easy futures & options strategies

Futures market terminologies, How to use options strategies like Call, Put, Covered Call, Straddle, Strangle, Long Combo, Butterfly etc



Commodity & Currency Fundamental Analysis Course

Understand factors that impact global currencies and commodities

Learn how to analyze global economic data, demand-supply facts, futures market terminologies & trading strategies to make sustained profits in commodity & currency markets


Money Management

Tips to become a successful entrepreneur


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Help on Technical Analysis, Chart & Patterns


Online Live Training Programs

We at Tips2trade believe that distance should never come in the way of learning.


Weekend Course

Understanding of important financial terms & categorization of stocks


Tips2trade-One of the leading financial trainers in India

Over the last few years, Tips2trade has established itself as one of the leading financial training organizations in the country. We offer the best training programs in technical analysis, fundamental analysis of Stock market, Commodity & Currency markets and understanding Futures & Options (F & O) markets.

Why Tips2Trade?

Tips2Trade conducts stock market training in Mumbai, offering full insights on stock trading market and technical analysis to the students. Being veterans and a certified training center, we strive to educate our students or trainees in various aspects of the stock market Related Courses In Mumbai. Share market trading Strategy is considered highly beneficial, especially for those who have the urge to create wealth. Saving money in banks will not make you wealthy. To become rich, you need to multiply your investments and that is exactly what you can do in the stock markets. Learn technical analysis on stock market trading, understand the market trends and become eligible to make risk-free investments with our professional training Capital Market courses in India.

Our Courses

We offer three basic courses for the enthusiasts, who aspire to become successful stock market traders. Have a look at the courses or programs, we offer:

Technical Analysis

To earn money through share market in Mumbai, you need to understand the technical basics pertaining to this sector. Our technical analysis coursework includes understanding different types of charts, trend analysis, learning pivot points, knowing oscillators, candlestick patterns in detail and many more. We offer insightful and hands on approach to learning for students through our meticulous classes, carried out by proficient faculty.

Stock/Share Course

The stock market is always slightly risky, but at the same time it offers high end profitability. To eliminate the risks and to earn well from stock market trading, you need to learn various aspects of stock trading. These crucial aspects of stock trading are taught at Tips2Trade. Our stock market education in Mumbai is based on the meticulous course framework. Trainees get a step by step learning opportunity with the chances for real time trading experience. There is no better approach than a hand-on learning process. We offer meticulous learning sessions to students.

Commodity Trading Course

Like the stock market, BSE, MCX and Nifty, commodity trading has also become widely popular amongst the students. Learn about the most profitable commodities with us. Invest with confidence and earn generously. The commodity market is highly volatile, and thus risk factor is high. You need expert guidance to trade in this sector.

Advanced Technical Analysis Course Content

  • Importance of Dow Theory & Construction of candlestick patterns
  • 45 Important Reversal & Continuation Patterns with extremely profitable trading strategies
  • Use of Momentum Indicators to successfully identify trend reversals
    • RSI
    • Volume Analysis
      • On Balance Volume
      • Accumulation & Distribution
    • Moving Average (EMA)
    • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
    • Bollinger bands
    • Stochastic Oscillator
    • Parabolic SAR
    • Use of ADX & importance of +DI & -DI
    • Williams % R
    • Ichimoku Trading Techniques
  • Application of special western techniques with candlestick patterns like:
    • Head & Shoulders
    • Reverse Head & Shoulders
    • Flags
    • Pennants
    • Ascending & Descending Triangles
  • Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory
  • Use of Gann Fan
  • How to use Fibonacci projections & retracements to identify long term & short term targets
  • Analyzing global economic data from different countries like USA, Europe & China
  • Practical experience of trading on positional & intraday charts

Who Can Take These Courses?

The beauty of stock market trading is that anyone can trade in this market, and you do not need any degree based qualifications. You can start with as low an amount as you can imagine. It is a simple home based job, where you are your own boss. Daily 3-4 hours are enough, though the more time you invest, the more you will become successful.

Why Should You Choose Tips2Trade?

Tips2Trade offers robust and seamless personal training on stock market trading, commodity market trading, etc. We are outfitted with professional faculty, who can deliver an excellent learning experience to students. Nevertheless, we believe in providing practical learning approaches to students so that they know how real time stock trading has been done. Our course fees are modest so that everyone can find it affordable.