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The year marked with pandemic has shown people clearly what volatility feels like. While entering the year 2021, we need to keep in mind that not every asset guarantees you certainty. In fact, every individual should be ready for uncertain results. The share market courses are helpful in understanding the behaviour the market exhibits. 

If you have an interest in the field of share markets, you may consider undertaking a course on it and can begin to invest soon. Proper research and knowledge are required before you plan on going ahead with your plans. Well, here are some factors that may affect the share market in the year 2021.

Economic Recovery

Looking at the conditions amidst pandemic and the share market trends, it is required that the country goes through economic recovery. The number of economic reforms required in 2021 is high and need to be fulfilled on time. 

Global Cues

The world has turned into a global village today and we are more connected than ever before. The co-operation and co-relation keeps on increasing every year. The communication is more enhanced. All the factors including US-China relations, Brexit negotiations, EU’s bond-buying programme and many more international events have a significant impact on the markets.

Volatility and Liquidity

The increasing liquidity in the field of the share market and its popularity with FIIs has been good for Indian markets. Now, any type of change or threat to the current situation can lead to huge increase in volatility in the markets. It will be interesting to see if the markets are becoming addicted to this chain of money supply or will it give a hint slowing it down. 


With the opening of the trade sector and the beginning of transactions, it is a possibility that inflation can get a spike in the EU and the US, narrowing of liquidity, and increased yields. RBI hoped for moderation of inflation, but there has been an expectation of it touching upper levels. Hence, rate cuts are unlikely. 

Further, many assumptions and discussions can be held if you hold a piece of good knowledge about it. It can be achieved with the help of a share market course that you can enroll yourself in. We are one of the best institutes offering a professional share market course to help your career grow faster. 

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