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Stock trading is a growingly popular way of earning money. In Indian scenario, it is definitely a way of making passive income. In fact, not just passive
earning, people are ready to devote their full time, even in stock trading, sighting immense money making opportunity in this sector. Stock trading is not
all about buying stocks and releasing it at the right time, as advised by your trading mediator or advisor. Stock trading is based on market researching,
analyzing the collected data through research and finally understanding the market trends for making the most profitable investments. When you will learn
to practice all these things with precision, you will become a full-fledged trader.

Do not depend on others’ advices rather make yourself competent enough to make your own decisions. This is why enthusiastic stock traders should undergo or
pursue professional and well structured share trading courses. Such courses are offered by veteran institutions, where proficient stock traders teach
various aspects of share market trading to the students. Mumbai is considered as the ‘Mecca’ for stock traders in India. Like New York City’s famous Wall
Street, in Mumbai we have the well-known ‘Dalal Street’. Hence, it is not at all difficult to find an institution in Mumbai for learning the basics of
stock trading. However, for share market training in Mumbai, it is advised that you should find
a trusted, veteran and reliable institution, like Tips2Trade.

How Tips2Trade Helps Students?

Tips2Trade is a veteran and well known institution in Mumbai, which focuses on offering professional stock trading courses. Not just delivering the basic
knowledge to the students, but making the students professional traders is what Tips2Trade commits. The institution has modernized infrastructure and
facilities to offer to the learners so that seamless learning process can be ensured. It boasts of having a veteran group of faculties, who are experts in
stock trading. So, students have the opportunity to learn directly from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

Courses Offered by Tips2Trade

Tips2Trade basically offers four types of share trading courses. Here are those courses at a

  • Technical Analysis Course:
    Technical analysis is the basic course for any stock trader. Technical analysis is based on analyzing various market scenarios and finding the scopes
    for positive investments. Learning proper technical analysis will help you to maximize your return on investments.
  • Equity Funding Analysis Courses:
    In these courses, basic and in-depth knowledge in equity funds has been catered to the students. Learn corporate actions, ratio analysis, balance
    sheets, cash flow statements and plenty more.
  • Futures and Options Courses:
    Futures and Options Courses cover futures market terminologies, strategies, investment opportunities, etc.
  • Commodity and Currency Fundamental Analysis Course:
    In this course, you will learn about commodity market investment and trading with currency pairs .

Eligibility for Courses

For share market training in Mumbai at Tips2Trade, you do not need any academic qualification to apply for learning courses. Age is also not a factor.
Hence anyone, having a serious mindset towards stock market investments, can pursue the courses that are offered by Tips2Trade. If you aspire to become
wealthy, give your life a chance with stock market trading.

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