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Technical Analysis Course

Learn when to enter/exit your trade in any market

Learn candlestick patterns, technical indicators & use of Fibonacci projection & retracements to maximize your returns in a bull/bear market




Equity Fundamental Analysis Course

Learn how to pick high growth stocks early

Understand how to read corporate results, balance sheets, cash flow statements, corporate actions & ratio analysis to determine the best companies



Futures & Options Course

Trade profitably using easy futures & options strategies

Futures market terminologies, How to use options strategies like Call, Put, Covered Call, Straddle, Strangle, Long Combo, Butterfly etc.



Commodity & Currency Fundamental Analysis Course

Understand factors that impact global currencies and commodities

Learn how to analyze global economic data, demand-supply facts, futures market terminologies & trading strategies to make sustained profits in commodity & currency markets



Money Management

Tips to become a successful entrepreneur


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We at Tips2trade believe that distance should never come in the way of learning.




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Tips2trade-One of the leading financial trainers in India

Over the last few years, Tips2trade has established itself as one of the leading financial training organizations in the country. We offer the best training programs in technical analysis, fundamental analysis of Stock market, Commodity & Currency markets and understanding Futures & Options (F & O) markets.

Why Tips2trade?

If you are looking out for a reliable Stock market course in Mumbai that matches your expectations and level of understanding, Tips2trade is just the place for you. To excel in the stock market, it is quintessential to be proficient in understanding technical analysis of financial markets. The financial market is the trading ground for securities, commodities and currency. Most trading courses in Mumbai imparting Technical Analysis Classes falter due to lack of practical application. We cover the entire gamut of markets for stocks, commodities, derivatives, and forex.

If you wish to earn name and fame in the secondary markets, you ought to enrol in a stock market course that imparts fundamental BSE training, MCX training and Nifty training. Stock Market Education is the core of our Trading strategy in Equity Markets. We have years of experience in designing and sharing the Technical Analysis program. The leading stock traders from across the country rate our Technical analysis classes as the best Technical analysis course in Mumbai. We facilitate understanding of technical analysis through analysis of ‘live’ stock market training which distinguishes our elite trading courses from the others.

We provide an ideal platform and instruments for the management of financial risks that are often missed out in conventional trading strategy in equity markets. We also offer first-hand Technical Analysis Personal Training that helps you understand the subject in a better way. We are the only stock market course in Mumbai to offer analysis of financial markets in a personalised & detailed manner. If you learn to trade in markets without losing your initial capital, you are ready to taste success in the stock market. Tips2trade is the key to master this skill set & understand how to make money even in the most volatile & speculative of markets.

Here are 13 reasons why you should choose Tips2trade to achieve financial freedom.

  • Personal training at your own homes
  • Most cost efficient as compared to other institutions
  • Flexible timings
  • Personal attention
  • Explanation of complex technical terms in the simplest language
  • Save travel time & cost
  • 8 hrs. of practical training using metastock software
  • Free study material provided for each course
  • Important trading strategies which will be beneficial for a lifetime
  • Explanation & revision to clear doubts after every topic/session
  • Customized training using relevant real life examples in equity/commodity/currency
  • Live interactive online training sessions for residents outside Mumbai.
  • Experienced trainers who have taught thousands of students personally including some of the leading B-schools in Mumbai.

Who can take these courses?

  • Students
  • Traders/Investors
  • Dealers
  • Fundamental Analysts
  • Businessmen/Businesswomen
  • Employees working in any industry
  • Housewives


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