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Are you planning to do commodity market trading? If so, do you have any form of training? If you have neither knowledge nor experience, you might risk your starting capital. As no one plans to make a huge loss the first time they do commodity trading, you should consider taking classes. You will just spend a little money to get trained. As soon as you learn major trading techniques, you could open your first demo account. After practicing your knowledge on a demo account for a while, you will feel confident enough to put your money on the line. And to receive the most useful lessons, you should buy our commodity trading classes in Mumbai. Tips2Trade boasts the best tutors, resources and expertise. We have made so many people super successful in their trading careers. We would like to coach you for a few hours and all you have to do is to purchase our Technical Analysis (TA) course.

What is TA?

This is a trading strategy that makes use of a previous price action to guess how the price would move in the future. It is a very common strategy among traders of commodities. The few who doesn’t use TA use FA (Fundamental Analysis). We commonly teach our students the basics of TA and advanced TA techniques. So far we have both classes and can advise you to start with the basic class to get a good foundation. We can guarantee that after taking our lessons you will be ready to earn money on the markets. We have seen this happening over and over and have successfully turned several former students into real investors.

What does TA entail?

The very basic thing you will be introduced to is a price chart of the market. While there are several sources online, your teacher will demonstrate everything to you live. This will reinforce your understanding to a point where you cannot forget, another rule you will learn is about the trend. Your teacher will show you how to follow the trend. This is about studying the chart to know when it’s moving higher or lower. A well-established and strong trend is needed prior to securing a short or long position. In TA, all rules are applied to all charts regardless of whether they are five-minute day trading charts or weekly and monthly charts for longer term trading. The tutor will be keen to demonstrate the types of patterns and indicators that are used in TA. As charts represent a crowd consensus, they give a clear, pictorial representation of the markets. They can help you make wiser and beneficial decisions that could increase the growth of your investment.

Strategies applying TA

There are many strategies that apply this method that you will learn in our classes. Our commodity market training is comprehensive and thorough. Your tutor will introduce the range trading strategy and the indicators that go well with it: Stochastic, Momentum, Relative Strength Index and Rate of Change. As well, you will learn about trading breakouts. This is when a trader buys commodities when they are making a new high or sells them when there is a new low. These highs and lows can be seen on a trading chart, as they are peaks and dips of the previous moves. We have a lot of information to give you so that you can make a big profit when you begin actual trading. For extra information, call our Tips2Trade’s customer service today.

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