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The knowledge of technical analysis is crucial if you want to try stock trading. It is about studying various stock price graphs. Technical analysis focuses only on the prices. It is much more dynamic than fundamental analysis that depends on corporate results and events. If you want to succeed in stock trading, you need to do our technical analysis course online.

Alternatively, you can attend our lessons in person in Mumbai. We have great tutors and fees. As well, our school is one of the best in town. Hence, you can expect to gain all the knowledge you need to do well in stock trading. Since we already have a good reputation, you have nothing to worry about.

The ABC of our course

Tips to Trade wants to teach you how to predict the future of the instruments you are trading so as to increase your profitability. Our course is designed for potential and current traders in the stock market. As well, we aim to reach out to bankers, mutual fund investors, financiers and related professionals. All students who are majoring in finance studies will benefit a lot from this course. What’s more, our course acts as a prop up to all novices in the stock market.

How long will you be in school?

Our technical analysis training includes ten sessions. Each session lasts one hour thirty minutes. In total, we teach you for fifteen hours. Our schedule is super flexible. If you aren’t available every day, you and your teacher could personalize your schedule. All you need to join us is elementary knowledge of the financial markets. If you have an idea, feel free to join our classes.

What exactly will you learn?

This course is broad. The tutor will introduce to you the Dow Theory. In addition, they will teach you many different reversal and continuation patterns. Some of these include shooting star, doji, hammer, inverted hammer, hangman, star patterns and counter attack lines among others. Moreover, our trainers will introduce to you various momentum indicators: moving average, volume analysis, stochastic oscillator, RSI and Bollinger bands. Furthermore, the tutor will teach you about Fibonacci projections and retracements and how you can use them to identify intraday and long-term targets. The course will help you start analyzing global economic trends and deduce how international equity markets affect the Indian markets. The program will be broad but enjoyable. If you have always wondered how financiers analyze and interpret different stocks, commodities, and indices, we are giving you a chance to learn how to do it as well. All you need to do is to buy our classes in Mumbai.

Our promises to you

Tips to Trade guarantees lifetime assistance. Each time you need help to solve your doubts and queries, just consult us. Another thing we promise is that our prices are fair. We even offer group classes involving two or three students at once. These classes are fun to participate in and are seemingly cheaper than individual classes. As well, we promise you that our teachers will be thorough, convincing, knowledgeable and helpful. They will be easy to work with and will see to it that you complete your course successfully.

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