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We all must have heard the term trading in our daily lives. Actually we trade every day without even knowing. For example, whenever we go to a shop to buy a product, it is a kind of trading. We give money and in return, we get the products. Hence, we can define trading as something the action or activity in which we buy or sell goods and services. 

But trading in stocks and share market is a different kind of trading another. Over here, we trade in money in return for more money. Confused? Yes, trading in the stock market is usually done to get a better return on the investment we are making.  

In this post, we will discuss how we can earn extra income by investing in the stock market.

How do you earn from the stock market?

Earning from the stock market is not a difficult task. You need to buy some shares of a company that is listed in the stock market. If the share prices of the company rise, you can sell the shares at a higher price and hence you will make a profit. On the other hand, if the share prices drop, then you will incur a loss.  Thus in order to trade in the share market, you need to have the basic knowledge about shares and economics. You can opt for stock market training Mumbai to upgrade your trading skills as well. 

A brief intro of the stock market in India

The first stock market which was introduced in India was the Bombay stock market (BSE). It was established in 1875 and back then shares could be bought manually. Every morning traders used to rush to the stock market and place their bids. The bids were placed to the broker, and the broker used to contact the company for closing the deal with the company. This entire process of buying and selling of shares would take up to 3 days.

But now with the introduction of NSE in the early 90s, the entire trading system became online and spontaneous. All you need to do is create a watchlist, select the companies, and then start buying shares of various companies. When the share prices rise, you simply click on sell, and instantly you will earn a profit. With the introduction of the internet and online trading, now you can make money instantly. 

To become a professional trader, you can check out the online stock market training course and this will give you the required knowledge in order to become a successful trader.

How to trade without incurring loss?

To become a professional trader you need to upskill yourself. Check-out various stock market training Mumbai in order to better understand the concept of trading. Once you have the required knowledge you will be able to analyze when to buy and sell shares. Taking an online stock market training course is very important to avoid facing losses while trading. 

Read blogs, follow financial news, and more to understand the current stock market situation. 

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